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Facility List

Our CNC machining centers are set up for milling, drilling, tapping, boring, and related operations. They are equipped with CNC rotary axis units to accommodate 4th axis machining such as helical milling, cam work and other processes. With the assistance of our CAD/CAM system, we are capable of performing very extensive and difficult machining jobs on all types of materials.

CNC Equipment Milling Centers:
(1) Haas Model VF-6 (4th) axis CNC machining center with 32" x 64" x 10,000 RPM spindle
(2) Haas Model VF-3D (4th) axis
CNC machining center with 20" x 40" x 10,000 RPM spindle
(1) Haas Model VF-3B (4th) axis
CNC machining center with 20" x 40" x 7,500 RPM spindle
(1) Bosto Matic (4th) axis
CNC Vertical Boring 312
(1) Bosto Matic (4th) axis
CNC Vertical Boring 415

 CNC Equipment Turning Centers:
(1) Haas Model SL-20 12 h.p. 5000 r.p.m. spindle CNC lathe with live tooling, automatic     bar feeder, 8" chuck and 13.7" swing x 12" length
(1) Alpha 6HS 20 h.p. 6000 r.p.m. spindle
CNC lathe with 12" chuck,  15" swing x 12' length

Quality Assurance Equipment:
(1) Browne & Sharpe Micro-Val CMM
(1) Browne & Sharpe Testa-Height

(1) Macro Dynascope Vision Measurement System
(2) Starret Electronic Indicator
(1) Mituryo 201 Electronic Surface Tester

Grinding Equipment Surface:
(1) Reid 612 H
(1) Houistar (TOS) BPH320 A
Houistar (TOS) BPH 150 A

Grinding Equipment OD:
(1) Houistar (TOS) 21000
Houistar (TOS) 1500

Grinding Equipment ID:
(1) Heald 72A

Research & Development Equipment:
(3) Supermax NC Vertical Millers
(1) Cincinatti Horizontal Miller
(1) Milwaukee Vertical Miller
(1) Victor Engine Lathe
(1) MLZI Engine Lathe
(1) Sunnen Honing Machine
(1) Welding & Silver Soldier Station

Numerous pieces of support equipment including mills, lathes, surface grinders, drill presses, automatic part marking and necessary tooling


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